Job Openings

Main Station DJ

PT Volunteer 
Open immediately
To become paid in near future

This position can be splt between 2 DJs if necessary.​ 

Responsibilities include:
Planning shows
Recording and editing 
Mentoring Teens
Being a Christian example

All aspects of this position can be taught on the job. Time dedicated to this position is estimated as 11 hours per week. Recording occurs after 2:30pm Mon-Fri and all day Saturdays, but editing and programming can happen at any time.

A reliable and passionate person is the best fit for this position. Students interested in this line of work or study are encouraged to apply. Youth pastors with a secret passion for rap music also encouraged to apply!

Must be able to commute to Sparks, NV to perform this job.
Check back frequently for job openings. 

Youth are encouraged to apply for these positions!

To apply for any of these positions simply go to  JOIN THE TEAM and fill out the volunteer form that applies to you and be sure to let us know why you would be a good candidate for this position. We will reach out and request more information as needed.
Accounts Manager

PT Independant conrator postion
commissioned position
Open immediatley

Responsiblities include:
Reaching out to businesses to partner with us on  a monthlybasis. 
Building and maintain relationships with sponsors. 

Sales experience is a plus but not required.
Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable. 
Self motivated.
Goal oriented.
Professional appearance.
Able to clearly communicate the standards respresented by KPI.
A positive representation of KPI.

This is a great position for a stay at home parent, student looking for extra income.

If you are interested in this position please email me for more information at
[email protected]